Published on January 7th, 2013 | by Jane Chesters


Where’s the Talent in Talent Management?

We recently collaborated with leading HR search firm, Hedley May on their latest HR Retention Index survey which this quarter shone a spotlight on the role of Head of Talent Management.  Hedley May produce their HR Retention Index each quarter as an analysis of the FTSE 100 HR functions. By comparing the average tenure of Group HR Directors with the number of appointments in the past six months and the number of searches currently in the market, they are able to provide a lead indicator on the challenge of retention and pressures on remuneration within the sector. For the full report see the website.

Following our recent research into the key factors affecting effective talent management, Hedley May were keen to get our views on both the state of the discipline as well as our thoughts on typical career paths into the role of Head of Talent. Our conversations with participants in the research have enabled us to get a wide perspective on typical routes into these roles – specialist track or generalist. Irrespective of the path followed , the unifying characteristic amongst those who have been successful was their ability to drive and reinforce the linkages from business strategy to talent strategy. This may seem like a statement of the blindingly obvious- but in even the most sophisticated of organisations there was still less evidence than we would have liked of talent professionals working with the business to define talent and shape and formulate effective solutions for delivery. Those able to use a range of skills and experience to ensure line ownership of both the challenge and the solution were those achieving the most impact.


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About the Author

Jane is one of our founder partners, and leads our strategy and services practice.

Jane has spent the last 20 years in and around the HR function – both in-house and as a consultant. Her client list reads like a who’s who of household UK names: from Sky and M&S in the private sector to Her Majesty’s Prison Service and Thames Valley Police. Jane leads teams to help our clients formulate and assess people strategies, then makes sure they’re set up to deliver them. So they know where they want to go, and how they’re going to get there.

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