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Published on July 13th, 2016 | by Orion Partners


Fit to face an uncertain future – is HR’s playing its part?

In our latest research study, we asked participants to rank the characteristics that defined an agile organisation, particularly those that might be used to benchmark levels of agility in the organisation. We then asked them to rate their effectiveness in these areas. These comparisons provided some of the most interesting results of the research.



agile HRClearly, whilst disappointing, these figures will be the result of a number of factors and are not purely the accountability of HR. However, it would seem fair to say that they are areas in which HR should expect to be making a strategic impact – applying specialist expertise in the areas of talent management and organisational design and development. Equally alarming is the percentage figure who rate themselves as effective at change management – only 3%. Again HR is not fully accountable for change management – but should be playing roles as a change leader, change agent and change advisor. Such low levels of effectiveness do not reflect well on HR.

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Orion Partners is a Talent, Leadership and HR consultancy who believe every organisation has the talent they need. The organisation just needs to identify and develop that talent and because this involves change we also believe it is essential that our clients can deliver transformational change in their leaders, HR and employees. Orion helps organisations create and deliver leadership and talent solutions aligned with their business strategy and ensure their HR teams have the right process, capability and technology to deliver on it.

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