About us

What we believe

At Orion Partners, we believe that the way people are managed has a measurable impact on commercial success.  We believe businesses are most successful when they

  • Give their people a clear vision and direction
  • Focus on the talent that has the biggest impact on the bottom line
  • Only invest in the systems and processes that are relevant to them and then operate them to the highest standards

How we work

We help our clients to transform HR and Talent and then measure the impact this has on the bottom line.  We do this by

  • taking a business focused view of everything we do for our clients – demonstrating how will this be better for you and your business
  • only using senior teams to provide the best technical advice – focused input, from the most experienced people in their field, at the right time
  •  leveraging our experience with over 100 HR transformation clients in the last 10 years – drawing on a wealth of research and client case studies to develop – inventing the future not ‘reinventing the wheel’.

 What we do

We do four things in HR and talent:

  1. Strategy:  We help businesses create robust, commercially focused people strategies that are relevant and engaging
  2. Talent: We help businesses to focus on the talent that delivers the greatest commercial impact and then develop the systems and processes to make them successful
  3. Infrastructure: We make sure that HR teams have the right people, processes and technology to deliver the strategy
  4. Change:  We help organisations to lead change in HR so that the business stays flexible, focused and productive and the change sticks!

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