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Orion 2017 annual research project

Orion Partners are pleased to announce the launch of our 2017 annual research project.  This year, in response to a hot topic that has been much in the news lately, we are looking at the role HR has to play in meeting to the demands of the digital workplace.

The Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, warned recently of the potential impact of a new machine age when he predicted that up to 15m jobs could be lost in the UK alone as a result of automation.  Others have countered by saying technological revolutions in robotics, social media, artificial intelligence and e-commerce will create opportunities for growth and expansion in exactly the same way as the steam engine, the spinning Jenny and the telegraph did two centuries earlier.

Against this background, what will HR’s role be in helping to manage the changes of the new digital economy? Will it be on hand to quietly turn out the lights or will it be a driving force to help organisations to maximise the potential of these new technologies?

We are asking HR and industry leaders four key questions on how they will face the challenge and what it means for the future shape of the HR organisation:

1.     How does your organisation define the digital economy?
2.     What demands will it place on your business?
3.     What role will HR play in managing the change?
4.     How well placed is your HR function to support the organisation?

If you would like to participate and have the chance to win an iPad mini by completing a short survey please click on the attached link (https://www.orion-partners.com/responding-digital-economy/).  We would love to have your input and, as always the anonymised results of the research will be freely available.

In addition to the survey we are also undertaking a series of in-depth conversations with a smaller group of organisations. If you think you would like to participate in this and would have 30-40 minutes to spare for a call with one of our team then please let us know by replying to this email.

We have been hugely lucky to have had such an amazing response to our research over the last thirteen years in Orion and we look forward to repeating our success this year.  Many thanks in advance for your support and participation – watch out for the research results in the Spring.

About the Author

Orion Partners is a Talent, Leadership and HR consultancy who believe every organisation has the talent they need. The organisation just needs to identify and develop that talent and because this involves change we also believe it is essential that our clients can deliver transformational change in their leaders, HR and employees. Orion helps organisations create and deliver leadership and talent solutions aligned with their business strategy and ensure their HR teams have the right process, capability and technology to deliver on it.

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